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An always curious full-stack web developer focused on React and UX 💻

About me

👋 Hello, my name is Gábor. I'm a web developer from Kecskemét, Hungary.

I've been building websites since 2014. Most of that time I was responsible for the whole spectrum so I have a great understanding of the big picture.

Lately my choice of stack is always based on React, both the syntax and the ecosystem help to make it super easy to be productive. Frameworks like Gatsby, Next (and the JAM-stack in general) finally bridge the gap between UX, DX and content editing.

📮 You can reach me at

Stuff I've made


This is an e-commerce selling custom made knives. It was a super exciting project, since this is a dynamic site with Gatsby. The task was fitting, because - even though this is a shop - managing the cart had to be on the client side (for privacy reasons) and the order process is only a form submission, so no complicated backend logic or online payment was needed.

I think useContext has great potential. It's a super simple way to have the superpower similar to Redux and extracting the functionality to a custom hook makes it all predictable. All the advantages of global state without any surprises!

Technologies used: Gatsby, Prismic, Tailwind, Netlify

Live site


This is a work in progress project for building my custom forum system. Part of the motivation was playing around with data fetching and testing in Next. I can safely say I like it a lot. I've used FaunaDB for storing the data and built a quick wrapper around it.

For testing I've made a mock version of the wrapper for super quick integration tests, but on commit I always run the actual version of it (in a test database) to check if there's a regression in the mock version. Now that the api endpoints are stable I'm in the process of building the UI with "Cypress Driven Development".

Other notable parts of the front-end are SWR for making refetching data real easy and Framer Motion for super simple animations.

Technologies used: Next, FaunaDB, Jest, Cypress, SWR, Framer Motion

Source on Github

Symbol Travel

This is an e-commerce selling managed tours in Mallorca. The interesting part was in the back-end, connecting multiple API-s - the data is stored and managed on external services. Without webhooks some of these needed to be run periodically, so I needed to manage background queues, check for changes and save the data normalized. The front-end was built with Vue, the payment is handled by Stripe.

Technologies used: Laravel, Vue, Tailwind

Live site